Suzuki carry microvan☺️



Nice compact little van you got there :heart_eyes: Could you share a pic of the interior as well?


I will send more clear pictures :slight_smile:


beautyyy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


this is great !, what year is the van? what is the milage like?


thank u, my carry is 1998 model and 190,000 km




Nice, I love see how much this way of living is grow :smile:


Wow I had a 99 Dodge Caravan. And I thought it was small! That’s incredible! Nice rig, what’s the fuel economy like?


8 liters gas per 100 km :moneybag:


Ok!, I’m jelous! That’s awesome fuel economy. I’m getting 10 city 13 highway per gallon.


:scream: my friend you know gas is very expensive in my country :slight_smile:


I can imagine, I have a cottage in Ontario Canada and last time I was there petrol was at 2.73 per ltr. Ouch!



Back in 1969 I bought a brand new Subaru 360 van for $1200. I fell in love with it because it drove like a go-cart, just plain fun. Little did I know that it was soon to become my camp mobile. All the seats laid down to make the whole interior into a bed, or you could just lay down a single side for a single bed.

It had a 360cc oil injected 2 stroke engine coupled to an infinitely variable automatic transmission. It got 104 mpg, and could do anything from pulling tree stumps to cruising all day at 90mph. I lived in it that summer, traveling the country during summer vacation. That marvelous summer might have been what ultimately made me choose a life on the road. So many great things to see and do, and I had only scratched the surface that summer.

I loved that little van, and still miss it. I wish they were still available in the United States, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Here’s a picture of one, not mine, just a picture I found online.



It is really good to see your microvan.


Love those doors! Hope you find another one.


How much do these cost nowadays? I’m assuming it’t not $1200 anymore
and how many miles were on it when you purchased it?



I bought it new, so it only had like 5 miles on it,

I don’t really see them for sale, they only imported them for a year or two. I imagine if you found one, it would big $$$,