Summer plans: southern Norway; looking for tips!


We are planning a summer trip to Norway, 5 weeks in total of which 1 week will be spent traveling to and from Norway. As we’re usually not driving more than 250km a day and don’t want to be driving every day, we’ll be limited to the southern part of the country. Any tips on great - not too touristy - places, campsites, events (music festivals) or other must-sees and must-dos? We’re leaving July 8th.


Norway would be amazing in the van. I’ll stay posted on here for ideas as well. :+1:


Try using or

We plan on building something similar to those websites, right here on ours. Imagine how helpful that would be.


Looks great! And maybe a section where people can share their travel itineraries, travel blogs and such?


Building similar sites to that on here would be an awesome idea!

Two places I’m most excited about seeing: Norway and Italy


Yea we were thinking of giving you all your own ‘wall’, just like on Facebook. Although, for that we need alot of user. Because we wouldn’t want people posting on their walls and getting no engagement. That would demotivate them and take the fun out of it.

So i guess this would be something we consider in the future.


We plan on calling it ‘destinations’ :grinning:


Baby steps… great ideas.


You can take a fairly inexpensive car ferry from Sweden to Norway, if you’ll be going there. It’s beautiful! I believe there is also one from Denmark to Norway. I grew up in the south of Norway. Unfortunately was a little too young to know the best camping spots. I lived in Sandefjord, which has a cute downtown area and a nice hike with a view of the ocean! Definitely not a tourist ridden area.


Hey im from norway and the only festivals i could that would match ur timeline is one in oslo and on in Skåtøy (i have never been there)

Skåtøyfestivalen 20. - 21. juli 2018

too bad you guys wouldn’t have the time for this --> Øya (oslo) 7. - 11 august 2018