Suggestions needed for my new Dacia Dokker!

Hi everyone here’s my brand new Dacia Dokker!

I just bought it for my garage as I own a tyre shop, but I’d like to use it for some short weekends out of surfing or, maybe one day, for a proper road trip.

I don’t want to make something permanet but some kind of a “get ready” pack, as I have to use it also at work and I can’t put a kitchen or stuff like that on it.

My idea was to put wooden or rubber panels on it and prepare some hooks to fix the board and a small bed.

The right half of the divisory cage could be removed and the passenger seat as well.

Does anyone have any suggestion or idea to work on my van?

thanks :wink:


When you will be using it for work, does the entire back of the van need to be empty?

maybe something like this can be a great option !

If you remove the passenger seat you can use the entire right side for loading up boards (and tires during work mode).

This then leaves the entire left side for rad-vanlifeness to be designed in there. This might include a chill zone to make tea of have a small foam mattress.

Consider that you purposefully design the van to have two modes. WORK MODE and PLAY MODE.

This will ensure you get the most out of the van. As for planning for the future trips. If WORK MODE is simply the absence of anything built out, this leaves room for any future work you’d want to do to make it an all-out vanlife-mobile.

Something I am considering for my own van is to purchase a Power Station from Goal Zero

The benefit to having one of these is that you can easily ‘remove’ the power and use it on the beach or for a BBQ for say a projector. And have it in the van to supply your main power for all electronics.

Hope this helps! Happy to sketch out my thoughts as well if this would be helpful.

yes, it should be empty or, at least, the largest part of it.

I just printed the interior scheme with measures to try to draw a little project to show you.

thanks for the first advices! they are already helping me a lot!


This is the interior scheme I’m working on

*** little update

due to my job needs I will put a very good panel on the floor and other light metal panels on the sides.

then the plan is to hang my surfboard to the roof on the right side and to use an inflatable bed, for the first short trips.

after these first attempts I could try further upgrades to a more solid bed and few boxes