Stucked im Marocco

Hi everyone

We are a swiss couple (30 years old) and currently stucked in Marocco since our ferry back home is canceled. We dont wanna leave our car here so we don’t fly back home and extend our travels. At the moment we are in Fes but I think we dont stay here to long, people are beginning to act strange when they see us on the street. Some shout “Corona” at us and taxi drivers don’t drive us anymore. We are not scared it just feels strange and maybe its better not to stay in the bigger cities.

Is there anyone around Fes or somewhere else in Marocco who wants to connect? We are also looking for a workaway but we guess also this is not easy to find at the moment.

We are uncomplicated, still relaxed, love good food, cooking, nature, cities (normally :)), music and traveling anyway.

Nora and Rob

Greetings & Welcome!

I’m in the USA, so not much help, but we have lots of great people here, so hopefully you’ll get lucky.


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