Strange living in a van in my hometown?

Hey everyone! I’m thinking about living in a van in my hometown and was wondering… Is that wierd? The question might be wierd, I know, but I only ever hear about vanlifers travelling around from country to country. No one ever seems to just live in a van in their hometown. What are people’s thoughts on this? The reason I would be doing it would be because why not! I am a minimalist, seek a simple life, and think it would be fun! We have a lovely beach in our town on the south coast of England (near Brighton) and I’d just plan on parking along there and living from my van! I’d still see friends and family who live locally, and I can work from my van, so… What are your thoughts on this?

Doooo itttttt! The only issue you might have is that it isn’t your property, so staying in one spot might be a concern. There would also be environmental concerns, such as where you’re washing your dishes and self and where you eliminating your waste. But it’s definitely possible! Also, it’d have to be cool with your local authorities

You are amazing and I love your infectious enthusiasm! When the gyms open, I’ll plan on washing/wasting there as much as I can, though I think I porta potty might be needed for those in-the-middle-of-the-night moment, so I’ll have to think about where I can empty that! Thank you for your advice! What’s your story? :grinning:

Yes mate do it…my plan was also/is to use gyns when they re open.

In some ways not having them the last few weeks (my first few weeks of full timing) has been good as I’ve had to rely on public toilets and showering at work which has been a pain and caused me to look at cheap ish ways to have my own shower and toilet.

The thetford 365 looks the one toilet wise…a bit bigger in terms if waste capacity than the smaller one but half price of the next one up 565e which had same capacity but electric flush.

Shower wise I’m looking at portable hot water systems like the kamper geyser I think it is.

I suggest definitely go for it since you have the will and ability to do it. I have seen that even full-time vanlifers who mainly moved in a van for travel don’t do that all the time. Everyone has different motives and yours is valid as well.

Hey mate! I just checked out those products you mentioned about for the shower and toilet… They look good! It’s helpful to know about those as I consider full-timing. Thanks!!!

This is really helpful to know, thank you. You’ve defintely given me some reassurance haha! :smiley:

Of course! Anytime.

My story is not much! Live in a van with my husband and our two dogs. We’ve been on the road for… 8 months. We’re traveling Mexico right now (my first time being out of the country), been in this country for two months. And that’s about it! :joy:

Greetings & Welcome @jstu21!

For what it’s worth, having my own toilet & shower makes my life much more enjoyable.


"Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." ~ Murphy

Hello!!! Haha, yes - the luxury of a toilet!! When you’re full timing, where would one dispose of toilet waste??? :sweat_smile:

Waste dump point of course :wink:

You need a map like this of your local area

Blue markers are black water emptying spots and red ones can accept chemical toilet waste.
That is a community created map we have. Those spots are mostly bigger gas stations that provide waste disposal and water refill as a service, either free or small fee. Also camp grounds almost always have similar facilities but they are usually restricted to those who have paid for the stay.

Think it like this. Where would a big bus full of people stop and empty its black tank on the road. A gas station of course.


It’s an accepted practice that doggie doo goes in the trash. So does mine… I have a bucket style toilet, once a week I empty my trash into it too, and dispose of it in a dumpster where nobody should be handling it. In my case, all urine is dumped into a flush toilet.


"Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." ~ Murphy

You make an excellent point!!! I like it!! Thank you for your wisdom!! :grinning:

Ooooh this is excellent advice and I’ll look to see where these locations are in my area!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!! :grinning: