Storage hotwater size, 6lt or 10lt?

Hi all, Iā€™m just looking at an electric storage hot water system set up (original idea was portable gas unit) and have found two good cylinders that are volumes of 6 litres and 10 litres.
My question is for those who have experience with a cylinder, is your size enough? Is 6 litres enough? Only two potential users of the water in my case, uses are washing up, clothes washing and showering.

Thanks all and happy days to you :blush::raised_hands:


I carry two 7 gallon water containers, which will last me about 2 weeks. Main uses are cooking, washing dishes, and showering. That being said, my shower uses very little water, much much less than most people, and my normal water delivery for washing dishes etc. is via trigger spray bottles. I am very water frugal.

Washing clothes uses a LOT of water, and a laundromat does a much better job.

I prefer portable water jugs, so I can load them onto my wheeled luggage dolly and wheel them to where I will be filling them. Hoses to fill a built in tank can be very hard to find. I usually fill mmy jugs from drinking fountains at public parks for free.


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