Stolen Sprinter Campervan

Our much loved camper van has been stolen from Church Road in Teddington. We’re heart-broken as we poured so much time, love and energy (not mention money) into doing the camper conversion ourselves. Not only have we been robbed of our little home on wheels, but all our climbing gear which we kept in there has been stolen with it.

Plates: KN61 ZXB

If anyone comes across the following items, which were left in the van, listed by the same person or as a job lot, this would be really helpful to know about!:

  • 70m 9.8mm edelrid rope, multicolour
  • 2 x 30m ropes, yellow
  • Blue/silver wire-gate quick-draws, “BD Hotwire” x 6
  • Orange DMM Spectre wire-gate quick-draws x 10
  • Blue/turquoise/grey x-small BD harness
  • Black/grey Camp medium harness
  • Tenaya Iati size 8.5 shoes
  • Tenaya Tarifa size 6 (39) shoes
  • Gen 2 grigri, silver
  • Mammut ATC, orange
  • Petzl belay plate, red
  • Various screw-gate carabiners (mainly Black Diamond Pearabiners in orange)
  • Figure of 8 plates (lol)
  • 2 x helmets, both BD, one white + turquoise, one charcoal + orange
  • Brand new Arcteryx Sentinel AR goretex jacket, size small (says ‘sample’ on the back of label)
  • Slings and anchors of various lengths
  • Flyfishing rod + other bits

Please spread the word throughout the community as I’m sure things will eventually begin to surface, if not immediately.

Since the number plates will have been changed by this point, here are a few unique identifiers which can be seen from the outside of our stolen van:

  1. It has beige leather driver and passenger seats in the cab, recovered from an old Jaguar and fitted by us. Very unusual!
  2. It has retro-fitted sliding locks mounted externally on the side sliding door and the rear barn-doors.
  3. It has two roof vents which stand proud, so would be quite easy to see if you stand back on tippy toes.
  4. It has an electrical “hook-up” plug point, rear near side.
  5. After market tinted windows in the cargo area, one on each side of the vehicle

Thanks in advance to anyone in the community who is actively looking out for it x

Sad to hear. I hope you get it back.