Still looking for a van rental for June in Austin

I am still looking for a rental vehicle for our Austin Trip. We nailed down the dates to June 2-8 that we would need it. We are pretty low key/minimalist when it comes to this need (as you can see from my posts about my Yukon in here). It needs to be reliable, mattress that will fit 2 of us who are both 5’8”, and at least a cooler.

The plan is to take off from Austin on the 2nd, head west to a bunch of points and to end up for a few days in Big Bend National Park. And then back to Austin on the day of the 8th.

We don’t want to pay as much as hotel rooms for this. But want to make it worth your while too. We will both have insurance, will cover any damages caused by us, and will return it with a full tank of gas.

Is there anyone around the area that can help us on this adventure?

We will be in Austin on May 31 and fly out June 10 but will only need it for June 2-8.

Thank you!!

To be honest your best bet would be to just google it. At the moment all the vanlife rental companies have some pretty high prices so theres really no way around that one.

I get that. I was hoping someone here was looking to make some extra money and help me out. I’m really not going to pay as much or more than a hotel room as a van rental.

I may pick up a u-haul or something if I have to or an SUV from a rental company, add an air mattress and blankets.

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750 miles in a u-haul van for a week rental is $330 total. Add an air mattress and throw away sheets and pillows for another $100-150.

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This is not as easy as it sounds, their are tons of legal issues that come up when doing this. For example, what happens if you crash the vehicle, what if the owner tries accusing you of damaging the vehicle, what if the vehicle is stolen.

Because of these reasons many people don’t rent out their vehicles unless it’s through a middleman company which provides insurance and handles everything. There’s a couple of them out there like RVezy, i’m sure you might have come across some too. But again, those are pretty expensive too.

This is actually a pretty good idea depending on what your goal is for this trip.

All that is very understandable. I was literally just reaching out to see if someone had something and wanted to make a little extra money. I have insurance. I was just looking for a good someone.

The purpose of the trip is to have a place to crash while we explore parts of the state.

I found a Dodge Caravan from a rental place that is 320 total (taxes included). Going to do that, rip out the extra seats and leave them with the rental company. Still do an air mattress and sheets. A little more luxury than the u-haul and cheaper.