Still Looking For A Bed

This has been a bit frustrating. I look on youtube and Pinterest and still can’t find something that will be easy to go from bed mode to couch mode and back. I can’t have it open and close from the sidewalls, it needs to open from the back wall towards the front. I have looked at Ikea, Walmart, RV stores, amazon, DIY sites…I feel as though I have exhausted my options. If you have any ideas as to how I can make a bed/couch, please please please please send the ideas my way. I need something simpler on my back to open and close. Our mattress is great. But going from bed to couch and back to bed is just killing my back.

Thank You!


For ready made, most loveseat/sleepers should fit your description.

For DIY, if you look at the design of boat seats where one faces forward and the other backwards, which pulls out into a bed, you could do the same design in a wider width. They open & close very easy, and no cushions ever need to be moved or repositioned.

I opted for a full length futon sofa sleeper mounted along a side wall. In sofa mode, it is my normal bed, and pulled out into the aisle it makes a double or queen sized bed. It also opens/closes extremely easily, and provides a ton of storage underneath. If need be, you can extend the legs to clear the wheel wells.


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