Still dreaming but getting closer to reality


I’ve been dreaming of living the nomadic life for many years and am finally getting closer to making some choices. I’m here to learn and share as I take the plunge!


Greetings & Welcome!

Lots of ways to join this lifestyle, and many of them are cheap and easy. I have under $1500 in my current rig, van and the conversion, and have been living in it comfortably for over 10 years now. Extremely reliable, totally comfortable with full amenities, and decent MPG too.


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Thank you for the welcome!

It is amazing how everyone can find the vehicle that fits them best! We are open to new possibilities to come our way, but currently expect to buy a reliable truck from a friend for a good price (all cash) and then to find a well-maintained, inexpensive trailer to tow. Neither myself nor my husband were raised around homes on wheels. We want it to be as easy as possible to change rigs in the future as we gain experience and learn what is really important to us.

Take care!



I spent less than $8,500 on my total build, including the van itself and it is one of the nicest and most unique rigs I have seen outside of Instagram If you really put the forethought into planning exactly what you need, you will most definitely find your rolling home.

I am by chance publishing a “[Picking the perfect van](Description: in a)” article on my website tomorrow. Hope that helps!



Trailers definitely have advantages, unfortunately parking & living on city streets isn’t one of them, which is mostly what I do. The neighbors aren’t the problem, parking enforcement is. but if you’re not parking on city city streets regularly, I can see some advantages.


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I definitely prefer window vans and the view. Even though I frequently do very cold winters and very hot summers, with no added insulation, I find keeping the van comfortable pretty easy. When I tried doing a cargo van conversion the lack of windows really got to me very quickly. Guess I wouldn’t make a good cave dweller…


"Too cold? You need more heat, not more insulation." ~ Happy Camper


Thank you for sharing your article! A good point you make is to be sure you like working on vehicles. I don’t mind occasionally needing to work on something, but I don’t have the experience or desire to make it a regular thing. :smile:


One day last week I had a running bulb go out and now when I push in my brake my stereo turns off. Hashtag old car problems

All of the reasons that I choose to build out an old van could definitely be all of the reasons that someone wouldn’t. It’s ultimately gonna come down to what you need to get out of the vehicle. Adding a bed inside a toaster is the easy part


Very true. I wish I could be satisfied with simple mattress in the back of a vehicle, but I know I need a bit more than that. :wink:



This is why I prefer older vehicles, much less to go wrong with them, and easier to fix if it does. Mechanical stuff usually gives some warning before dying completely, where as electrical components give no fair warning.


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In all fairness, that’s not an old car problem, that’s a past owner created problem. Too many people work on stuff they shouldn’t, when they don’t know what they’re doing, and the internet is only making it worse.

A huge number of the “How To…” articles and video’s should be more accurately labeled as “How NOT To…”. Too many newbies without a clue or any experience posting this stuff. Good shop manual’s are more reliable.


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Luckily there is no need to go that minimal when full featured can be accomplished so cheaply and easily. It doesn’t need to be instagram perfect to be fully functional and comfortable.


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Absolutely. I spent less than $500 and two weeks to turn a yellow toaster into a comfortable place to hang out


That looks awesome!

It really comes down to the fact that I’m afraid of older vehicles…not exactly sure where the line for older begins in my mind, but I know its there. Right now we need to get rid of one of our vehicles so we have a parking space available for whatever we do end up buying


Gotcha. Around 1987 is when vehicles switched from carbureted to fuel injected. Most car manufactures converted over from a completely vacuum operated fuel system to an electronically controlled one

If there is a line that would be it :slight_smile:



I actually don’t mind fuel injection, I draw the line at computerized. Reliability went way down, and needed repairs and maintenance, and ridiculously high costs associated with them went way up.


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Fuel injection is great! Its better in the cold, its more efficient, parts are in the junkyards, works better on extreme inclines. Ultimately, I would recommend a fuel-injected vehicle for someone new to vehicle maintenance

Personally, I like the smell of an old 302 hahah



Ehhhh… While I don’t mind fuel injection, I still prefer carburetors. Easier to fix and/or adjust, and if you add a fuel pressure regulator they will usually get better performance and MPG over fuel injection.


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And you guys are totally speaking over my head :joy: but you have given me some places to start my reading. :+1:



Please feel free to ask any questions, or for clarification on anything you need. There’s no such thing as a stupid question if you don’t know or understand the answer.

Many things can seem overwhelming at first, but almost anything can be overcome with time and patience.


"Smiles are contagious, pass them on!" ~ Van_Dweller