Stealth Camper Couple!

Hi all you travelers and wanderers! I’m Ferret, and my partner and I are living out of a Honda Odyssey! Currently about to embark on a trip from Texas to Alaska! We always love to talk and meet up from other people in the community!

Our instagrams are: @ferret_azure and @sunshinepdx22 and we love to follow other van lifers!

Super happy to be here!


Super happy to have you here aswell :heart: Would you mind sharing some pics of your rig on here, don’t really see people living in odyssey’s everyday…

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Yes, of course! Once I figure out the website a tad bit more, haha!

You can add pics by clicking the little icon with an arrow facing up

I’m using a Samsung S7 and I had to select 'document’s to pull up my camera roll

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Thank you! :smile:
Here’s one during the build, since we just recently finished it! It’s our second “mom van” that my partner and I have done, so the Odyssey has been a recent upgrade! Definitely more full pictures to come though!


I’m so impressed with how much you’ve been able to fit in! I’m NZ a lot of people convert ‘Mum vans’ but you don’t see it as much in the states!