Starting Vanlife in 2021... Scared and exited

My wife and I are starting van life in the summer of 2021 here is our experience:

  • Both 27 with great jobs
  • No kids but have a dog and a cat
  • No vanlife/RV experience minus some rentals and other trips
  • We do not even own a van yet
  • Prices for vans are crazy high right now since Vanlife is trending

We are financially stable to do anything we want in life right now and we are just sick and tired of the norm. We discussed this nomad lifestyle before but we are ready to pull the trigger now.
We have a lot of questions and concerns which made us start researching and led me to this forum.

Though we have the finances to essentially “go off-grid” for years and be okay, we still are worried how to build a life in a van, manage life in a van with our dog and cat, and overall find fulfillment. Unsure what that might look like but we strongly and passionately feel led to this opportunity.

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Welcome to the forums, I’ve found a lot of cool people and good advice to be found here.

Questions are always welcome, and there is a lot of experience and varied perspectives to be found here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I look forward to seeing your progress into this lifestyle change, and wish you the best!

Greetings & Welcome!

You should also consider some of the smaller motorhomes. They’re move in ready and can be better bang for the bucks. I’ve done both, and for more than a single person, that extra space can make a huge difference.

I would also suggest finding or creating a mobile friendly, money producing job or business that you can set your own days/hours for. There will be boring times, maybe due to weather, or other things. When those times hit, I’ve been working on creating my own money making websites for example. It keeps me from going stir crazy, when I have nothing better to do. It’s like a hobby that’s making me some pretty good money now, and when I get them all done, it will be a very well paying retirement plan. The ones that I’ve completed are already making me more money than I made in the 30 years I worked in the construction industry. Just a thought… With an income, your journey can be everlasting if that’s what you choose.

There are many different approaches to this lifestyle, and it isn’t for everyone. It may take a while to discover the proper rhythm for yourselves, and that’s okay too. I look at every failure as an opportunity to do better, and maybe learn new or better ways of doing things. Life itself is a life long learning experience, and if we do it right our lives will just continue to improve.

You’ve found a great community, and we’re here for you.


"Beat Murphy's Law with a KISS! (Keep It Stupidly Simple)" ~ Van_Dweller

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