Starting out with financial hurdles!

:minibus: :star2:NEED: Camper Van Financing Plan/Monthly Pay Off >>> How? Where? Dreams with financial hurdles… :minibus: :star2:

Good Day, dear camper community! I am glad to have joined this forum here and be part of this.

My friend and I would like to lease a (full pre-built or also empty) camper van/ living vehicle. We, unfortunately, don’t have the budget to buy a vehicle, so we are looking for someone, maybe a private person or also a normal van dealership, who wants to sell his camping vehicle via monthly pay-off.

Does this method even exist? How to put this dream into a plan? Any ideas of how to afford otherwise? We have the problem of a failed self-employment that cost us thousands and left us in depth. On the other hand, we want to afford this vehicle to sell food at markets and festivals, so need this car for future income at the same time.

We have a budget of about 300€-400€ a month that would pay off the van over time. (If we have the vehicle and our food markets would start running, then of course this could be much higher.

We are in Portugal now but any close country we can also consider for the lease deal, like Spain or Germany(my country of origin).

My questions to you about this. Someone ever did this? Do you have any other ideas on how to afford a van on a low budget? Are you the one having a van to buy and could imagine a monthly payoff?

Any further conditions discussed in chat.
All offers and ideas are welcome!:slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings, Shanti-Alena & Jaswinder Singh

Thank you for your great ideas! I got happy by reading more about it online. I wish you good luck and hope that someone here have lots of good answers!
I read this and realised how big this niche is:

In Sweden I know that you can borrow, lease, buy them and so on. But Spain, no idea.
Thanks, will be interesting following your journey, do you have a blog?

If you have a truly amazing niche idea, then try kickstarter or similar for your country!

Thanks for the input! I will check the page and see what it brings. I don’t have a blog yet, planning to have one though. :slight_smile: Greetings