Starting our first van conversion!

hello everyone! so excited to meet all of you and hear your van stories, share ideas, travel spots and what life on the road is like!

We lived out of our 4Runner last summer and LOVED IT. This year we were lucky and found our van project, Paprika. She’s an 88 Ford Clubwagon. We have taken the seats out and she is a bare canvas to start converting. Hoping to get advice from all of you along the way!

Tara, Molly & Papi


A bare canvas! That’s so exciting. Ours was a bare canvas as well and it’s a little overwhelming making the decision on which way to do the bed! Look forward to seeing photos do you have Instagram? Ours is wherethewildgo

It’s overwhelming and unbearably exciting all in one! Our big decision is whether or not to cover the window(s) at our head and feet. We love all the light but also want to keep warm for spring/fall and maybe even winter adventures in Canada. So far we have decided to go with the bed width/wall to wall, we are both 5"5 ish so we can comfortable fit! We might change plans and do the fold up/down with the table.

We will follow you! we are rahdaisy :slight_smile:

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I always end up hot in my van rather than cold. You could always put curtains for light. Are you worried you will be too hot or too cold?

Welcome to the forum Molly & Tara, glad you guys were able to fulfill your passions.

Start another topic where you go through the progress of your build so we can follow along as your build progresses!