Sprinter vs Ambulance Conversion

I am a new member and wanted to get the groups thoughts on setting up a High Roof Sprinter (used) or Ambulance (used), I was curious what the advantages are and what might be a better overall vehicle for a permanent mini home on wheels.

It seems the sprinter would be more comfortable to drive but the ambulance could be heavy duty and 4x4.


Ambulance difference to regular sprinter… probably has an inverter already inside, proper insulation in the walls.

In a more serious note, insides of any ambulance are usually filled with storage lockers etc, that there is not that much room inside. If you feel you can build yourself a decent bed/table/whatever you want without stripping everything off… why not. If you plan stripping it anyways there are probably less abused options available than old ambulance.

I think a lot of people go with Mercedes due to their past reputation, but after the 1990s something happened. In a past life, back in the late 1980s and 1990s I drove Mercedes vans all day every day and they were extremely reliable. I’ve also owned three Mercedes cars, two of them diesel, and they were also great - never a problem.The ones I drove in the 1980s and 1990s were very simple and reliable.

Something happened to Mercedes in the early-mid 2000s. Their quality and engineering went down the crapper. Everyone I know who has a Sprinter has had nothing but trouble. I think they’re made to last as long as the warranty lasts, and no more. Get a Ford.

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Mercs are fine, as long as maintenance bill is paid by someone else!

If someone asked my brother what he thinks about MB, the answer would make a seasoned pirate blush.


As I have been looking it seems, ambulances have around 90,000 miles (older) for 20k, sprinters usually have 1/3 the miles (newer) for 15k more in price… not sure