Spare tyre storage ideas - would the roof work? (no roof bars)

Hi guys,
Looking for advice on spare tyre storage, it’s currently just loose in the back which is very inconvenient. (still early in the build)
I have been considering storing it on the roof, my Dad recommends essentially just bolting it on drill through one of the reinforced sections, have a large bolt coming up and a piece of plywood to spread the weight and stop it damaging the roof. My dad can be a little. . . Not health and safety conscious. Would that work do you reckon? Sealed in and with a cover for the wheel. I have a Mercades Vito van (no roof bars)

It has just been pointed out to me that you do not have to have a spare anymore. This is very tempting. I have excellent breakdown cover, and would not trust the tiny jack anyway, so I may just keep it at home.


I wouldn’t be caught dead without a good jack, a tire iron, and a full sized spare tire. Mine is mounted to a receiver style hitch, and I have one both front and back. I also carry a tire repair kit, a couple of cans of fix-a-flat, and a 12v air compressor.

Under most circumstances, I can switch on the spare much quicker than a tow truck could arrive. I hate being in a position where I need to rely on others for help…


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I have a full size spare on my chassis.