Space saving table storage

The ultimate solution for optimizing space and enhancing functionality in your van. This mount is specifically designed to minimize the amount of space your table takes up when in storage. I have found that storing it vertically is the best option and easy to access.

I have a few options available for those that are interested. You can print the files yourself. I recommend PETG or ABS. If you don’t have a printer I do print them here: (

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I prefer the following design if I have swinging doors.

This high/low table design with a cabinet is a remake of what came in my 1961 VW Westfalia Camper van. Cheap and simple to make, yet so very functional. I also use this design on wheels, for arms at each end of my sofa/bed. Simply roll it out, pop up the table, then roll it back as close as you wish.

In cramped spaces, I prefer multi functional for the win.


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