Soynd dampening/thermal insulation

Hello. I saw how they used sound dampening mats and then with the polyiso and spray foam Shaiden mentioned that also had sound dampening

Ill be making music and recording in my van, ive seen some sound dampening rolls of material at home depot that are like 4ftx8ft and are like $300 normally used behind drywall. Im wondering whats the best, semi cheap option for the best sound dampening install yall could suggest.

Would putting thise rolls as an added layer with the poly iso and spray foam even be worth it?

Im in Texas so extremem heat is my main insulation concerns. And i wont be recording on busy streets or anything but a dog barking down the road could mess up a recording

Not a whole lot of info on this kind of specific build.

I coukd also just add panels to the walls once built for the acoustics inside

Bonus: i have a home depot card so trying to get as much from there in one purchase…


I met a fellow at a gathering doing similar, he said the best he found was doing the interior layer in mattress egg crate foam topper. Something about the shape and possibly the material diffusing the sound.


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Thats actually a pretty great idea. A thin foam wall behind the birch. I would go havelock but the poly iso, kilmat, and foam with some gaps and cracks would seal it all up great tbh. Small vapor barrier for the foam maybe though as itd gunky with moisture