Soon on European roads!


Hi guys, my name is Luca and I’m from Italy!
Even if I’m totally new to this lifestyle, I’ll be a complete vanlifer in three months… I’m quitting my job, leaving my rented home and moving in a 98’s ducato maxi that is ready to hit the road!
A bit nervous, but I knew this would be my year of changes!
Thanks for being part of this community!



Sounds awesome Luca. Enjoy the trip. I bet you won’t want to go back to the rat race once you have hit the road.


Thanks man… I think world is full of opportunities so never say never, I setted the starting point, now let’s see what happens :wink:


You’ve come to the right place @Luca_Bongio :slight_smile:

Vouch Vouch Vouch!!
It’s all about hard work and what you set your mind to.