Some advice needed Please! Power

Solar generator, panels and battery bank. I am so very confused!!!

I thought I figured out my power needs. Not so much anymore. I ordered a Lycan solar generator, (2) 175 panels. Also a suitcase 100ah as backup.
I also intend on buying batteries 100ah 12v gel.

I just don’t know how to set things up or if I am using the online calculators correctly. I have coming up with 500ah needed per day. This seems high. 4
Hrs of sun/ day here in Asheville, they say.

I will be using an old laptop (7ah), newer cellphone (4ah), maxxair fan (26ah), Ninja 10-1 convection oven (150ah), ac cooler (30 ah), exhaust fan (1ah), ac heater (20.4ah) - although an 8000 btu mini split might be better because I will be fulltime with my dog. I am retired, so I won’t have to deal with using my laptop 8 hrs each day.

Seriously need some guidance on this. Too many days worrying if I made a mistake ordering. I ordered the solar generator so that it would be a simple setup.

I absolutely need some real guidance on a workable setup. Thanks so much in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the term solar generator is a misnomer. It should be more like solar storage bank. Personally I would ditch that thing. You don’t need it if you have batteries and solar panels. Its basically the same thing without the plugs.

Are these AH for 24 hours of use. The obvious offender here is the oven. Creating heat with electricity alone takes a ton of power. Might want to consider an alternative fuel for cooking like propane. If you’re only cooking with it a few pounds goes a hell of a long way.

You also can’t really run AC off solar. You really need a gas generator or shore hookup for that.

Thanks. So, maybe I will deal with a propane stove then. Already ordered the generator. Came today actually. Lol. Steep learning curve with all this. I am up for the challenge tho. Thanks.

Greetings & Welcome!

Heating, cooking, cooling, and refrigeration are all best done using fuel instead of battery power. That can mean a fuel powered generator, or fuel powered appliances. Ice chests & 3-way fridges/freezers are the top choices for refrigeration.

It’s generally cheaper & easier to use less power, than it is to generate more power.


"The less you have that CAN go wrong, the less you have that WILL go wrong!" ~Murphy

True. Been gathering info for last month. I find myself going thru all the options. One day its electric. The next propane. Smh. But, completely agree. Thanks.