Solo Traveller here - looking for tips!

Hey what’s up people! So I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs, making notes and generally searching high and low for different tips on how to build my ideal home. That’s right, I’m putting all of my savings into building my perfect little travelling van where there’s no coming back to ‘normal life’.

I’ve been travelling for the past 3 years so I’m certainly experienced in the whole seeking adventure and getting out there but the time has come to put all of my eggs in one basket and just go for it. So I guess I’m on here to seek out the best way to organise and design my new home which will be suitable to live out of it fulltime with minimal hiccups. Any tips and advice, links and anything to get me on my way will be much appreciated. It will be only myself living out of my van and I plan to work odd jobs in different countries (I have a gift at getting random jobs and earning money on the go).

I’ll be apart of this community for the foreseeable future so it’s nice to meet all of you nomads!.

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Hey Louie,

When you come across some good tips, please share with me! I don’t even have 1 month of travel under my belt ha!

Greetings & Welcome!

Since you seem to have one of the biggest obstacles (MONEY) covered, the rest is pretty easy.

For many, if not most, a cheap factory camper van is the best place to start, and frequently the cheapest.

You can also build a full featured, all weather, camper van on the cheap if you ignore all the advice of the promoters…

Start with a cheap fully windowed passenger van. Living in a box without windows is the pits. Plus with a passenger van, the interior floor/walls/ceiling will already be finished, saving you a ton of time and money. You can just remove the rear seats and move your new camper interior in.

I prefer to live IN my camper van, not just out of it, so I need full amenities, heating, cooling, power, a comfy bed, kitchen, toilet & shower, and comfy place to sit/work while in my van. I have all of these things in my van for a total cost of under $300, so it can all be done very inexpensively if you don’t listen to the promoters.

Let me know, and I can supply as many details as you need.


"Spending money to save money is usually a scam." ~ SmartSavers


Feel free to ask anything, lots of good people here.


"Spending money to save money is usually a scam." ~ SmartSavers