Solar panels and seats

Hello! I’m at the stage in my build where I want to cut any holes in the floor/ roof now rather than later, so that I don’t have to rip my (hopefully) beautiful floor and roof cladding back up, so I’m looking for some advice on solar panels and seats…

My van is a Peugeot Expert Tepee, I don’t want to put in a fridge, just lights and USB charging points. I’ve been reading up on what size panel i need, and on whether a ridged or flexible panel is best. I have decided to go with a flexible one, as my van is just under 2 meters tall, and I would like t keep it that way. Any advice on flexible solar panels that have worked well for people with similar needs?

The van was previously converted as a wheelchair vehicle, and the passenger seats have been removed, and i need new ones! seats for the exact model are proving quite hard to find, so just wondering if anyone happened to know if ones for a Peugeot expert or similar would do the job?

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance,