Solar Panel Install Before Battery System?

Hi all,

Is it ok to mount the solar panels before I have the battery system installed? They would be on the roof with the cables disconnected from anything (and waterproofed). Would this damage or degrade the panels in any way? …considering they would be absorbing sun rays with no outlet for the current.

I won’t be able to finalize the installation of my battery system for 3 - 4 weeks. In the meantime, the panels are just in the way.

It’s not a huge deal to wait, but I’d rather get them out of the way and in their permanent location if that’s an option.

Should be ok, I’ve disconnected mine when I work on the batteries.

Important - I believe you need to hook the batteries up to the controller BEFORE you attach the panels.

No, similar to when your batteries are fully charged with your solar panels and your MPPT controller shuts down the charging. This disconnects the current flow to the batteries. No different then Solar panels sitting on your roof disconnected manually by you. Also keep in mind you may want to provide disconnecting means between your panels and MPPT controller. It makes it easier to isolate components and make connections later.

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