Solar or not Solar power~!

Was wondering if you recommending Solar system or not. If your answer is no, what do you recommend! Thank you!
I’m doing a lots of research on what is the most practical.
Than you


Solar is the most expensive and least reliable battery charger available. Relying on the weather is never a good choice, and the need to park in the sun during the summer is nothing short of torture.

The only people pushing solar for camper vans are people getting paid for it, or people who don’t know any better repeating the sales pitches they’ve fallen for, believing it was honest experience or advice, when in all honesty it was a sneaky sales pitch. If you had a huge RV or bus, MAYBE you would have enough roof real estate to build a semi reliable system, but vans have no where’s near enough room for that many panels, or that many batteries.

Charging your house battery(s) while driving via a solonoid/relay/isolator should always be your first choice, followed by a battery charger that can be powered by either a generator or shore power. My generator cost $99 and my battery charger cost $29. Then I have a 50 foot extension cord, and a power strip that can also be used either with my generator or with shore power. Simple, cheap, and reliable power & battery charging.

The hating on generators is totally bogus baloney spread by the solar sales people, nobody with any any amount of experience, or an ounce of sense, would go anywhere without a generator, even if they HAVE solar!

While I have learned to hate solar for house battery charging, I do have and enjoy some individual self contained solar powered items that I can just sit in a window to charge them. I have a solar radio, lights & lanterns, a solar bug zapper, and a solar flashlight type battery charger, for instance.


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