Solar install panel placement

I have a tundra with a cap, and the rack will fit two 210 watt panels. Which will give me enough power until i decide to upgrade and add another panel to the cab later down the road. there is a bullet slant in the front of the topper and the rack would make a great point to stack both of them one right behind the other. I’m concerned about the dynamics and possible strain this could put on the first panel; as well as the possibility of creating a little bit of drag or almost lift. i have the option to mount on the slant straight to the roof, this feels more dynamically sound (like it would create a less stressful situation for the solar panel) yet that’s more holes in the roof and also if its on the rack i may get a tad more efficiency due to the space of air underneath the panel, which would be nice. There are a few other options and also a max air fan is going on there as well with the hopes of a small shower down the road a bit. Also the placement of the fan on the slant is a possibility yet I would have to stack the panels long ways an the rack and they would hang a few inches more then stack sideways. Posted pictures please let me know what y’all think. This is my first install of solar and i just want to make good decisions, that wont cause complications or regrets down the road. I have more pictures available if it would benefit the discussion.

I’m not sure I get it from the pictures, but if you are worried about wind resistance damaging the panel I would not. We have ours mounted to our roof rack with a lot of space underneath so they definitely take a lot of wind cruising down the road. This most definitely affected our fuel efficiency but the panels are pretty sturdy and can withstand quite a lot.