Soaking It All In

I have always had a wandering soul. My husband has never quite understood my need to be on the go and explore. Whether it’s the outdoors or a new city, I want to take it all in and learn and grow from the experiences of traveling.

The nomadic lifestyle seems to call to me. I feel like I have found others who understand this need to roam through this site.

I cannot wait to learn and grow from your experiences and look forward to someday getting the van of my dreams and hitting the road.


Yessss! You’ve come to the right place! I think this is a great place for EVERYONE to learn a bit more about the van life, and make more connections, no matter how long they’ve been doing it.


Looking forward to making connections and learning all I can about van life!

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We got some really big plans for this Forum and the entire site in general. Our goal is to create an environment where nomads and enthusiasts can find all the resources they need in ONE place.

Although, this will take some time. The more we grow the better this will get, because the website is pretty much run by community posts, and interactions (aside from our blog).