So I'm 6'4" Tall

Introduce Yourself…

Hello World! So just doing my research but will probably start as a weekender and hopefully go to longer trips during the stupid cold months.

Here is my question. I’m 6’4" and I really don’t like bending over all the time. From my basic research, it looks like a Ford Transit or RV. For my needs, I really like the smaller size of the van, especially the stealth aspects of it. But my research shows two possible problems.

  1. It appears the Ford Transit has maintenance problems - as in, it frequently needs maintenance.
  2. It also appears that this is a more difficult build as the sides bow in toward the roof line making those straight lines difficult.

What do you, the dear community, think about this?

I’m 6’4 and I chose the sprinter 170" 4x4. Love it! Not the most budget friendly, however. I decided I had enough room that I did 1" insulation beneath my pergo floor. For the ceiling I had spray insulation and cedar strips mounted right to the metal ribs.

But for max headroom, yes, you’re going to want a class A motorcoach