Small vans for desk and bed?

Hi, I’m looking for recommendations for a small van that would be good for a desk and a bed.

I’m not looking to live from my van. I just want a van that I can study and lay down in. I still have a job(s) and a home. I just want to be able to make better use of my time as far as studying and working and on my laptop and resting when I’m not at home or work.

Also, the clearance to my parking spot at one my jobs is 6 feet and one inches.

I’ve looked into the Nissan NV 200 and I think that might work if it’s not too tall.

Greetings & Welcome!

Something like a Dodge Caravan with stow & go seats seems ideal to me. Fold down the seats on one side for the bed, and leave the middle seat up on the other side. Then you can get a folding table/tray that attaches to the back of one of the front seats.


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