Small Camper windows

Hello, Ive been trying to look for fixed camper/rv windows.
Im looking for a 20cm x 40cm window. The reasoning for such a small window is to prevent the ability to break in.

Does anyone know where to find something like this?
Prefferably EU.

I’d try any rv or motorhome salvage yard first. I have found much of what i need there. Good luck and clever security measure!

Don’t forget to look at windows for boats. They come in a lot of sizes, some very small, and usually have screen available. Also, eTrailer is a good resource.


I’ll tell you a story, believe it or not, it was about five years ago. I was also looking for a small window for my motorhome. I was a little tired of searching as I went to different scrap yards, flea markets and wherever I went. I ended up ordering the most common vinyl window. And you will not believe it but it is still standing in this house. I have already sold it and so unfortunately I can not show you a picture but it all fits. I bought a little plastic to match the color of the trim to cover the part that used to cover the trim because I had to trim it a little. I don’t think it would bother anyone that much. It didn’t bother me at all. I was even in Canada at the time. And I ordered the window from the first company I saw. I just asked for it and they put an anti-vibration gasket around it, it’s about an inch thick.

You can choose between CamperCo is a UK-based company or KCT is a German manufacturer