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Hi, I’m Danielle, live in Snoqualmie, WA.I received a 1986 Toyota Panel Van that already has storage underneath, wanting to use this van for camping and would like to keep essentials in it, but would love some input! Can’t wait to take this out camping! Thanks! IMG_1078


Greetings & Welcome!

Camper pad & sleeping bag on one side, plastic drawers from big box store on the other for all your supplies, an ice chest, a camp stove, and dishpans and spray bottles from a dollar store for sinks and water delivery. If you want a shower, a weed sprayer with a kitchen sink sprayer attached for the nozzle.

Let me know if you need more…


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This is great @Danielle_Olliver!

You might be able to set up a little make-shift kitchen in the back too! Check out Wicked Campers set up (Australian/European company that rents out campervans)-- you can cook by standing outside the back of the van :smile:



While the above plan can certainly work if you have the length, try to make it equally as usable from both inside and outside in case you run into bad weather, which we all do eventually.


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This is really helpful to the confused members of this forum including me also.


@Van_Dweller - I can always use more advice, I’m doing the insulation this weekend, any recommendations for paneling etc? I wish it was easy to add windows to a van :slight_smile: Thank you for all the advice!! Love the idea of the kitchen!



Household paneling works well. Thin, lightweight, and conforms well to the curves.

Adding windows and roof vents is an expensive pain in the butt. Today, I won’t even consider converting a cargo van, window vans are so much cheaper to convert and make so much better campers. I didn’t make a good cave dweller, I want the view and the ventilation.


"Be the reason someone smiles today!" ~ Van_Dweller