Skylight Install

Is it possible to install a skylight in the roof of a GMC Vandura high-ish top van? I’ve seen Sprinters and other like vans with the Dometic Heki style skylights but so far haven’t been able to find any info on my desired setup.

I’m only looking to gain a few inches of headroom and don’t need one that pops up to open so I was trying to find info on installing an RV style bubble one.

Is this do-able?

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Is it doable, yes. Is it practical, well that’s debatable. Any holes in your roof have the potential of leak problems.

On the other hand, high top vans in any height, and any price range can be found. I paid $750 for my fully high top van, totally mechanically perfect, and I’ve been living in it for over 11 years now and put 250k+ trouble free miles on it since I’ve owned it.

I don’t know anyone with a bubble top skylight in a van, but I know several people who have them in trailers, and every single one of them are constantly fighting them leaking.


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don’t know about the GMC Vandura. but I can say I got a skylight in my previous van (Vauxhall Vivaro) and nog got 2 micro heki’s in my Sprinter. if you seal them properly and check the seals like every 6months you normaly won’t have problems.

My 2015 sprinter had them installed before I bought it. They are dope as shit and do not leak at all in all the heavy rain we’ve had in Kansas City. One of my fav things about it.