Single Female from B-More, new to vanlife, with a gorgeous VAN

I have a 23-FORD 350 built by 27North a year ago,
I have done a lot of weekend/week long trips from Rhinebeck NY for Sheep & Wool to NOLA for BIlly Springs. Stayed in tons of nice state campgrounds. Had 1 mediocre trip via Harvest Hosts,
I originally wanted to take month long trips (I work 100% remote for JHU). I have been fearful of depending on my solar for off grid camping…although I see tons of folks doing it on IG-
Looking for friends on the road, maybe. Sober, knitting enthusiast-



Welcome to the Forum.

Congrats on your 23-FORD 350! It sounds like you’ve had some great trips. Don’t worry about relying on solar; many of us felt the same way initially. You’ll get used to it with time.

Safe travels!

Greetings & Welcome!

I learned long ago to never rely on solar. Charging while driving keeps me fully charged 99% of the time, and my gas generator takes care of the rest, and is great for many other things as well.


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I’m in the NoVA area and love knitting.

I have read a little bit about gas generators…
open to any ADVICE you may offer!!

where do you travel mostly?
i am early.wendy on IG


The small in size inverter generators are portable, quiet, can generate a lot of power, and run 8-10 hours on a gallon of gas.

Battery operated tools have a tendency to die before you get your project completed. A generator is portable, can take it wherever I need it, and run many things with it. If it runs out of gas, I can refill it much quicker than recharging a bunch of batteries.

For nomads, batteries die, solar is unreliable, and shore power might not be available. You can’t charge via an isolator if your battery is dead and you can’t start it. A generator is really the only way to guarantee power when you need it.

Even the solar guru’s all carry and use their generators on a regular basis. Solar Bob said if he had to choose between solar or a generator, a generator would win hands down. That’s a pretty powerful recommendation from a solar expert.


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hi I’m in Gburg, MD! Nice to meet you! I’m going cross country soon. Maybe we can be friends?

I don’t do a lot of regular travel, but I’ve been overseas a few times, and to Glacier National Park once