Simple build on a g20

Introduce Yourself…

Hello everyone. My name is Michael Potter. I’m an East Tennesseean who loves whitewater paddling of all variety (kayak, inflatable kayak, or raft). I just bought a G20 van yesterday and will pick it up in the morning. I’m looking to do a simple customization on it in the next month. I’m enjoying seeing the builds and ideas here.


Sounds super exciting

Did you plan out your build yet?
and be sure to post a picture on here once you pick it up!

I have been searching other builds and ideas to see what fits my use best. I have not set my mind on a particular build at this moment. Hopefully something basic yet functional. The interior is very nice so I’m hoping to add to it instead of gutting for a complete remodel.


Yea that’s a good way to get some motivation!

Good luck with your build. We are also doing a simple build just so we can get back out on the road for now.