Showering while on the road

How do you keep a good hygiene in this lifestyle??

I think most people use like a bird bath style washrag or baby wipes. Real showers are taken at 24hr fitness/YMCAs public pools etc. I don’t like the idea of a nice steamy shower in a van because of mold issues, but I also understand you can only run so long on the first options. I do not live in a van but I know that is how it’s done when I bike tour.


Here’s a blog which covers several different ways to shower on the road.

My setup is very cheap, but also very effective. I have a low top van, so this requires me to either shower while seated, or shower outside if I wish a standing shower. I use a storage container to catch my shower water, but any container can be used to catch the water, just make sure the sides are high enough so you can tuck your shower curtain into it, so you’re keeping all the water trapped.

Getting my own toilet and shower was one of the best upgrades I ever did. No more disgusting public toilets or showers, or having to pay for them or hunt for them.

And, almost forgot this, I have a 7 gallon water jug that I use to store my gray water in until I can dump it.

Hi Shannon, go to rvingshower on instagram. They are introducing a perfect portable hot water shower system design for vanlifer & travel.