Shower fan/vent

Looking for some help regarding my vans wet room im building. Hoping its not like the facebook groups where everyone just argues in the responses lol.

Ive built a small shower and toilet cubicle in my van (promaster/boxer) and im coming close to being sorted with everything i need for it. Im happy with everything but cant make my mind up about fitting a fan/vent in there.

At first i was concrete with my decision to fit one. I grew up in a old farm house riddled with mold and hated it. Ive planned all sorts of steps in my build to avoid mold, as i know it can be a problem in campers and proper ventilation/temperature control is the best way to stop it building.

However ive started to doubt fitting one for the following reasons…

1 - First of all i cant actually find a decent one apart from the maxxair dome fan which wont fit under my solar panels and i wouldnt dream of mounting it on the side wall of my van so that isnt an option. What id want to fan to feature is opening/closing feature to keep van warm in winter conditions and rain and a standard air out feature to extract moisture. However all the ones i can find are either just plain old vents that are open 25/7 or extractors that wont fit on my roof under my solar and extractors that say water proof have people leaving bad reviews on saying they leak in the rain and also dont close so let cold air in.

2 - I have to full size maxxair fans fitted in my van already, one to the rear and one at the front, with my solar panels fitted in the middle. I chose this route as i said before ventilation is very important to me. So i was thinking the van is already such a small space, I already have two big fans and 3 windows i can open do I REALLY need to fit another small fan just for the shower cubicle? What if i was to leave the door open… Would the maxxair fans do a good enough job of sucking out any moist air? Or make a small slit in the shower wall at the top and turn on the rear fan which would have the same effect.

3 - showers in a van are likely to be a couple of minutes long, cover with water, turn water off, soap full body, rinse. Showers will be warm in winter and cold in summer heat for me also. So how much mist will i really be creating? Or because they are wet rooms will the water just sit there and cause mould. With this in mind i was thinking i could put a standard manual opening vent in the shower wall coming into the living space of the van to keep air flowing and dry out the wet room but would it allow a smell to linger in the van from the composting toilet? Even though i can open and close the vent to suit.

4- final point is more rust risk and also extra cost and faff. If all the above has truth to it and fitting yet another fan would be unnecessary im cutting another hole in the metal work risking more rust, leaks and not to mention the cost of a decent fan.

Thats all my thoughts.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My personal opinion is with two max air fans and a short shower time I can’t possibly see a reason you would need more ventilation. A matter of fact the exhaust fan in your bathroom at home probably removes less air then a max air fan… Also there’s likely no fresh air intake in your bathroom whereas you have multiple fresh air intake locations in your van to replace the warm moist air. Worst case scenario is you can add one later.…


Hmmm… Interesting conundrum…

My first thought was a vent on the outside wall, with one or two computer fans, inside a box that can be closed on the inside. Closed when you want to keep in, but open with or without using the fans, when desirable.

Then you could add a vent, maybe in the bottom of the door, to create actual air flow for the exhaust fan(s) to work efficiently.

I’m concerned that the existing fans won’t circulate enough air through the bathroom…


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