Should I use a safe in my van?

I tried a searching the forum but couldn’t find anyone mentioning using a safe (box to store valuables) in a van. Is incorporating a safe prudent in designing and living in a van? If so what’s the best way to go about including one in a design? Are there any special considerations for installing a safe?

It’s a good idea. I have a lock box, not exactly a safe, but it’s enough to slow down a burglar or encourage them to go elsewhere. It’s through-bolted to the floor and wall.

Just like anything else heavy, like house batteries, a safe should be securely bolted to the van so it doesn’t become a projectile in an accident.


I replaced the plastic access door on the side of my sprinter pass seat base with a lockable metal panel - works perfectly., Sprinter Store carries it

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There’s really not a need but sometimes my partner would be too worried when we have things we can’t bring when we are outside. We upgraded our console with It’s just a the cover that you will replace so I DIY it. But in my opinion, if you will put a safe in your van then make sure it’s not exposing and it’s a secret safe that people won’t even notice that it’s a safe.