Should I Fill Factory Anchor Point Holes in My Floor?

My van was previously a work van, so the floor came with a number of anchor / tiedowns that appear to have been bolted down in factory threaded holes. These factory threaded holes do not extend all the way through the floor frame, so should I even bother covering / filling them in? I was going to cover the openings with J-B Weld and then stick a penny on top.

The company also appeared to add a couple more anchor points that do extend all the way through to the outside, I’m certainly thinking these should be filled. I’m basically looking for peace of mind that these holes aren’t at all useful for a camper van build where I won’t be transporting anything heavy requiring tiedowns.

The side I would fill. As far as the floor goes I wouldn’t worry about that u could always use it secure ur bed or other things depending on ur off-road capabilities

personally i think about it only in terms of rust. since i’ve got salty roads in winter time where i come from. i didn’t fill mine up exactly, i painted them since they already had a bit of corrosion.

The web will say different things about a quarter or a pennis rusting. Not sure if I did the correct thing or not but I used rust prevent primer with a cuttip in the hole then on top. Put a quarter then primer on top of that. If its not correct I welcome replies also.

That’s funny you say that. I just demoed the floor out of my Sprinter van and found quarters on the floor. That’s probably where they came from. :smiley: