Shoreside + Solar Question

Hello, I have an small travel trailer and am interested in maybe downsizing to a van in the future. I have a question about electrical systems. I have a 30 amp system, and I am going to be parked in front of my parents house to do some work so I will only have access to 15 amp. My question is: Can I use a solar panel I recently purchased hooked up to the battery to supplement some of the energy I’m missing so I can use the electricity a little more comfortably while I’m there? Is there danger to the rig or myself in doing this? I’m so hesitant whenever it comes to electricity so I could really use any education you all are willing to share. Thanks! #VanLifeSummit

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They have adapters so you can just plug in with no worries, might not work for A/C, microwaves, induction cooktops, or heaters, but nearly everything else should work.


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Yes I have the 15 amp adapter already and plan to use it. I’m wondering if I can pair it with some solar panels I bought. I want to use both simultaneously.


The solar is just a battery charger, totally unreliable for anything else. All of your loads need to be hooked up to the house battery(s) (possibly via an inverter) or a generator or shore power. Solar IS NOT a steady reliable power source like a battery, a generator, or shore power.

Example wiring orders:

cb=circuit breaker
hb=house battery(s)
sp=shore power
cc=solar charge controller
c/c=converter charger

Starter Battery → fuse/cb → isolator → fuse/cb → hb

Solar → fuse/cb → cc → fuse/cb → hb

sp → fuse/cb ->battery charger → fuse/cb ->hb

sp → fuse/cb → c/c (charger output) → fuse/cb ->hb

sp → fuse/cb → c/c (converter output) → 12v fuse box/cbs → 12v loads

sp → fuse box/cbs → indoor outlets

hb → fuse box/cbs → 12v loads/outlets/appliances

hb → fuse/cb → inverter → fuse box/cbs → indoor outlets

My personal system, simple & reliable:

Starter Battery → cb → isolator → cb → house battery → 8x fused acc. outlets

Generator/sp → extension cord through window → outlet strip


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