Shore power/DC only system questions


I have done a lot of research and watched all the Van Academy videos around electrical systems but I have a questions that I have not found answers to.

I want to add a shore power option to my electrical system but even after tons of reading can not determine if all I need is a charge controller or a charge/inverter combo between the plug and battery bank.

Here is some background on my electrical system plans:

  • DC power system only - 6 puck lights, Dometic fridge, MaxAir Fan, Composting Toilet Vent fan, diesel heater in winter.
  • I will have a portable power bank for my tea kettle/laptop/phone chargers and will be using a butane camping stove.
  • I also will have a solar power system hooked up but want a second power option.

I welcome advice and recommendations!

Any battery charger will really work for this. We use this one:

Some battery chargers are better than others, If you are using lithium make sure the charger works with those. There are definitely cheaper options out there, but these have held up for us for years. It’s pretty simple, wire it to your batteries and plug it in.


I’m doing cheap & simple, an extension cord through a window/door, with a 6 outlet power strip inside. Then I can plug in the same cheap battery charger that I use with my generator.

While I could add an external power in port, then my cord is vulnerable to theft, and this has happened to me in the past. Using my current method, nobody can steal my cord.


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