Selling van, what should I price?

I have completed about 98% of my build, but I have now started school and have very limited time to complete it. The finishing touches mostly include cover ups and curtains, etc. I am wondering what the average sell is for a van build. I bought the van, and probably put in 6k of amenities and build costs, with labor taking around 4-5 months. (Slow, yes, but took my time). Any suggestions?


We’re going to need a lot more info to be able to help you. Year, make, model, engine, location, amenities, etc. Pictures could help immensely.


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1.) Raptor Paint job all around

2.) Blackout Headlights

3.) Vantech Roof Rack

4.) Ladder Rack

5.) maxxfan 6200k

6.) excellent condition tires

1.) Cedar Plank Walls and Ceiling

2.) LED lighting

4.) Queen Pull out Bed

5.) Vinyl Plank Flooring

6.) Kitchenette

7.) Cold AC

8.) Lots of Storage Space

9.) Maxxfan

10.) Sink with Electric Pump

11.) Electric Seats/Travel Comfort


1.) 2 Vmax AMG Deep Cycle batteries 125amp each 12v

2.) 12v Keyline Smart Isolator

3.) Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor w/ Bluetooth Connect

4.) Flojet Water Pump

5.) Xantrex 1000 Prowatt Inverter

Van Itself

  • 1999 Ford Econoline
  • V8 Triton Engine
  • 35 gal Tank
  • 14mpg city / 18 mpg Hwy
  • 103,000 miles
  • Clean Title
  • Good AC
  • No problems what so ever
  • Pass Smog
  • New Battery
  • Towing PKG (6,500lbs)
  • Leather Seats
  • Roof Rack


Checking California prices, since you have CA plates, it looks like your van alone is worth $2k-3k, the additions are worth maybe 50% of what they cost on a really good day, and you can’t count your labor. So $5k-$6k would be a fair ballpark. It is a nice looking van on the outside, but I’d lose those roof racks, they hurt the looks.

I found a 1999 Chevy Coachman, full camper van, including toilet, shower, and generator with 78k miles for $6900. That was the closest comparison I could find, and it is obviously worth more than yours. It looked new inside and out, and comes with an inspection report rating it 10/10. It is also a 1 owner, inspected, smogged & licensed.

The unfortunate truth is that non factory camper vans, or modified factory camper vans, hold very little value in the average camper van marketplace. That RVIA badge is just about worth it’s weight in gold, and bone stock is what everybody wants.



"Smiles are contagious, pass it on!" ~ Van_Dweller