Selling house to live in van

Hi guys I’m just looking for some advice,I’m really interested in converting a van to live in,I’m 24 year old that owns my own house with £70,000 equity in,I work away travelling the uk constantly then I’m back home on a weekend , I’m thinking of selling my house (that I’m only in 2 days a week) to live in a van which seems to have lot of advantages too, them being; 1.I’ll have a lot of money in my bank. 2.I’ll be able to save a lot of money. 3.When I’m home on a weekend I’ll get to do what I love which is travel. 4.I won’t be paying out £900 a month bills.
What do you all think?

Greetings & Welcome!

$900/month in bills is so low that you’re not too likely to save much, it’ll just be going in different directions, and into a depreciating asset instead of an appreciating one.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living on wheels, but a considerable amount of people are spending more than your current expenses to live on wheels. In many ways it can be more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. By keeping purchase costs and conversion costs down, and living frugally, it can save you money in the long run, even if it’s a considerably harder lifestyle.

Many of the things people take for granted in a house or apartment are a whole different story when you’re a nomad. We have to generate our own power, supply our own water, deal with our own trash and sewer requirements, and a whole lot more. Basically we’re on our own for virtually everything, and that’s going to cost you in either time, money, or both.

It’s worth it to me because I love to travel and love the lifestyle, but very few people make it long term because the dream & fantasy is far from the reality of it all. You need plans & multiple layers of backup plans, and the money to execute them. Vehicles break down, or can be lost in an instant due to a traffic accident, and insurance can take months or years to pay out, and you might get nothing. While insurance here is required by law, my real insurance is in the bank, enough to replace everything and live on for a minimum of 6 months. It’s also enough to get into a house or apartment if needed. That’s my insurance & peace of mind…

Since your job involves traveling, you should be good there, I worked as a traveling construction worker for over 30 years. When I was forced to retire for health reasons, I was lost. Luckily I ran into someone who taught me how to make money online. Think loooooooong term, start building additional income streams immediately, so if and when the time comes, it’ll be there when you need it. In the meantime, the additional income can go straight into savings/emergency fund.

I’m currently renting a number of hands free money making websites, some I’m reselling hosting or advertising, and some are selling ebooks. I’m purposely using different companies, so if one disappears, I’m not totally out in the cold. The hosting & advertising sites are making me the most, and I just signed up for a reseller travel site that covers airlines, cruises, railroads, buses, tours, rental cars, and of course hotels, motels, resorts, and events. Then I pay somebody off Fiverr to advertise it and drive traffic to it. No one site makes enough to live comfortably on, but if they’re making a profit, you just keep adding more sites until you make as much as you want. These sites each cost me about $40/mo for the rent & advertising, but make me ~$1,000/mo each. The people I rent the sites from host & maintain them, and people from Fiverr promote them, so they’re literally hands free for me.


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