"Self Sufficient" Camp Site


At some campgrounds in Australia the difference in pricing between a site listed as Un-powered and one listed as “Self Sufficient” can be up to about $30 a night. (With the Self Sufficient site being the much cheaper of the two). Could anyone in the community please explain to me what the difference between these two types of sites are?


Hi ya … Self Sufficient camp site is exactly that - there is NOTHING there normally - a type of freedom camping :slight_smile: Designed for those with full access to self contained camping (own toilet and washing facilities) and power etc. Non powered sites are generally located in a camping ground or at least with toilets nearby. Below is a photo of a SS site for $5 night fee :smile: . Payments vary between a ranger or whoever coming round in the morning to collect fees, to honesty box or payment a locals house down the road. Sometimes there are locked gates too that need a combination entered to get in. Hope that helps.


It’s just one has amenities and the other has none. You might have potable water but not much more.


Here is a link that explains it :slight_smile: https://www.campertraileraustralia.com.au/features/1502/free-camping-sites-vs-caravan-parks and this is a pretty good resource to find them :camping: https://caravanontour.com/free-campsites-and-low-cost-camping.html


Awesome! Thanks for the links.


Thanks for clarifying @powertrain, that explains a lot in the price difference. This camping spot in the picture looks amazing.