Self Isolation on the road

When i started this experiment half a year ago I had no idea that this was gonna happen. And I feel safe inside my van. I have 7 gallons of clean water. Two safety straws and a canteen. I have water purification tablets. I have shelf stable foods, dried vegetables and fruits. I have grains and canned meats. I have blankets, inverters, i have solar power charging devices, i have personal defense.

And gas prices are dropping.
I couldnt be more grateful for being self contained and still able to move around in the safety of my home on wheels.

The only thing I am concerned about.
With so many out of work, school, etc. What is the likely hood in the increase of burglary, robbery and mugging. Just cause i can hold my own doesnt mean i want to.

As a self-proclaimed “super paranoid Veteran that thinks society will eventually collapse”…

I’m pretty sure we aren’t anywhere near that point just yet, to where you would have to worry about increased crime rates among the general population. There are a lot of infrastructures that have to collapse for us to reach that point, where we go all “Mad Max” and start living Fury Road style.

My personal bug out point is “when I go to Publix and twice in a row there isn’t any food there”. Now I don’t mean “there isn’t any food that I want to eat”, like a lot of people are taking this as. I mean literally nothing to eat, not even a can of old expired olives. When truckers stop bringing in food shipments regularly, or people freak out and continue to greedily over purchase without considering the environment they are creating around them, then I will start to become concerned.

At that point, I will start packing my bags to get away from high population areas, but in my personal opinion, we haven’t gotten anywhere near that stage yet. Honestly, I doubt we even will, the hard numbers on this aren’t that bad yet, minus a mutation I don’t think it will get much worse. Again, that is a personal opinion though. If you feel unsafe in your current environment, I would most definitely go with your gut and CSMO. (Collect your Shit and Move Out)

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I agree completely with you.

Just musings i suppose. For me, I’m used to living without certain comforts that others take for granted will always be there. That probably leads to panic as well.

I definitely understand, I also have these “musings” often myself. I’d rather consider and weigh future situations now than be thrust into them randomly and unprepared later, so I often consider “worst-case scenarios”. Sadly I have to agree that panic could also spring from comforts no longer being filled.

While I was in Publix the other day I heard a young woman, probably 22-26 or so, proclaim there “wasn’t any milk”. She then went on to call her Mother and loudly proclaim, and I quote, “there isn’t any milk, like literally, there is none”. There were “literally” over 80 gallons of milk in that fridge, there just wasn’t the specific type she wanted. But because there wasn’t specifically what she wanted there simply wasn’t any at all from her perspective.

Which she is more than entitled to, her perspective I mean. But I’d be willing to bet that she went on to tell others “there wasn’t even any milk”, which just spreads more misinformation/panic. And all over what? Because they didn’t have “Soy Almond Buttercream Non-GMO Vanilla Scented Free Range Avacado Milk”? Just crazy, haha. (It was actually just whole milk they were out of, it wasn’t even a weird one, haha)


That’s what the ordering stuff too. Like if you order for pickup friend of mine was told by the app that they were out of dr. Pepper but in fact they were only out of a particular size the 24 case.

Like I don’t need to go to the store really for anything, except for gasoline. So friend of mine told me today that they had to go to the store and I said for what? He said they needed to get cheese. And I said but you have seven packages of cheese in the fridge…

Then he says yes but none of those were of the type that my wife wanted to make a specific meal.

As of another friend who’s getting very upset that some restaurants are still offering sit-down dining.

I just want everybody to be safe out there.


Things are getting kind of crazy. I’m self isolating and working strictly inside my van. Luckily I have at least a months worth of everything, including gas as long as I don’t need to go out of town. Sure makes me glad I have my own toilet & shower though, good heating & cooling, and a workable kitchen.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

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Ive been using a gym membership for my showers and general staying healthy. I need to think of other methods.

I did hear today that national and state parks that are still open are waiving entrance fees. So thats fun.

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All the gyms, restaurants, and bars around me are closed. I miss the restaurants, but all things considered I’d probably be avoiding them anyway. Lots of things closed, even the laudromats. I’m eating good, sleeping good, and I can work from my van, so I’m considering myself pretty fortunate.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller

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Exactly. I would say the same! :grin:

Well I was planning on using the solar shower I linked below, maybe it is something that would work for you as well. I actually ordered this early prior to moving into my vehicle, just to test it out. Honestly it’s great, I mean obviously it’s not the same as what I get from my shower head, but I wish I had known about these when I was overseas.

My only regret is honestly I wish I had gotten a smaller one, five gallons is a lot more than I really thought it would be. o_o

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