Seeking insight on 2006 Roadtrek

I’m looking at a 2006 Roadtrek SS Agile with 48k miles for $45K. It’s a diesel, with a toilet + shower. The price seems good compared to other vehicles I’ve seen. Any advice on this make/model or things to look for/ ask about? Advice much appreciated!

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Personally I think they’re looking for a sucker. Diesels cost much more to won and maintain, and these Euro diesels are known for all their problems and high priced repairs. The low mileage is probably due to all the time it spent broke down.

You can get less than half the gas mileage with a gas engine, and still save money over a diesel. Old diesels were a totally different story than the newer ones, and you couldn’t run fast enough to give me a newer diesel for free. The only people claiming they’re good are the people trying to unload them.

American made is better. MUCH MUCH BETTER!

Have you considered how much a high priced purchase like this will cost you in depreciation? I try to only buy things that are fully depreciated, then it’s value will remain pretty stable rather than constantly depreciating.

I would also avoid anything with solar because you don’t know the qualifications of whoever installed it, and that’s a major cause of RV fires. I would suggest a generator rather than solar. Avoid owner modified rigs like the plague.

If I had your budget, I’d be looking in the under $25k range, which would give you a huge travel budget, and a generous repair fund. Higher prices or newer doesn’t mean breakdown or problem free, and it’s always a good idea to budget for repairs.

Lot’s of great choices at:|198068&price=*%3A45000&condition=U&sort=price%3Aasc

Class C’s can be found much cheaper than Class B’s, and you can get a lot more for your money:|198069&price=5000%3A25000&sort=price%3Aasc

Good Luck & keep us posted.


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Thank you sooo much for your insight and wisdom. It is exactly what I was seeking and I will heed it. Thank you for taking the time to write such a helpful, thorough reply!

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