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Hi there, my partner Rob and I purchased a Ford e-450 box truck and are looking to turn it into a camper. We’re in the process of looking at security cameras. Ideally, we’d like to have 6 cameras set up so we can have a 360-degree view of the truck for security while we are inside and while away from the truck as well as while on the move so we can see where we’re backing up when in a tight spot. We’re hoping to have a monitor inside by the dash to be able to view each camera simultaneously. We would also like to have the ability to view the cameras from our phones as needed when we are away from the vehicle. Any suggestions for brands would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help.

Better have some very deep pockets. It could be done but would be very expensive. I used to install marine electronics on fishing boats, the big Sportfish Offshore, and yachts. The upper end GPS and Chartplotters have video inputs so you can run cameras for the engine room, aft camera for backing into a slip, helm, where ever. I’ve put them everywhere except the head. First issue 6 cameras? Where do you expect to mount the cameras? I would say the cameras are water resistant not waterproof, probably have an IPX rating of 6/4 or 6/5 not designed against water penetration on high road speed. A home security system would need full time 110v AC so your talking a PSW inverter to power it. To operate your phones would take a router and a full time wi-if and internet. 6 cameras mounted on the outside of a truck would be a neon sign to get robbed, including your security system. As I said it could be done but would be very expensive. If I was still doing this kind of work a special project like this would run around $3-4k. Some car audio systems have back up cameras but not with 6 inputs. You might want to check with they have a good tech line.

Have you found an ideal brand to set up? Right now I’m considering one dash cam brand named Redtiger, just for my first Landrover trip. I’ve been told it is one of the best seller brands on Amazon… Anyway, I see they provide some interesting: F7N Dash Cam and T27 Dash Cam. Besides 4k front cam, it also has super night vision, plus reversing aid, which is amazing! And all can be mouted inside of a car, videos can be viewed on phone, no worries of being robbed. You can check if you still want.

hey kayla. i know there are some aftermarket options that give a 360 degree video like my lexus had. when i get to that point in my build, i want to find one that does that, but also records video and lets me watch remotely (when i’m connected to wifi). so, i’ll be watching this thread to see if anyone comes up with great concepts.

sorry that i have no solutions for you.

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I’ve wondered about this myself, especially after being involved in an accident, when someone ran a red light, which was incorrectly blamed on me.

I searched Google for

security camera van

and found a few. But I know nothing about them.

In terms of visibility, I have noticed some people attach simple rods (maybe painted dowel rods?) to the front bumper or license plate, and to the front side corners of their vehicle, so they can see where the front ends. There are also solutions truckers use - mirrors that mount at near the front corners of their trucks, so they can see around corners. But these won’t help your security issue, and they only help at the front.

If you want to wire cameras, even if they come in a kit, and you aren’t handy, you may need to pay an auto electric shop to wire them. Even if you are handy, there is a risk of drilling through wires or something else important.

Back-up cameras are designed to come on only when the vehicle is on and in reverse gear. And they give you no corner vision, so if you are backing up next to another vehicle, they don’t help with cars and people that are coming behind that vehicle.

Cars and trucks really should come with a system of mirrors for periscopic vision all around.