Searching for van converting friends (Ireland)

My boyfriend and I want to buy a van (probably LWB Transit) and build it ourselves (without a bathroom). Neither he nor I have any manual experience. We have already tried to contact van rental companies or van builders, but without success: fully booked, specialized in other campervans or temporarily closed. We would love to talk to someone in person who has already converted a van (or could possibly even give us a van tour to get a first impression).

Is there anyone among you who would like to meet us (or even just a call/videocall) and exchange ideas/experiences?

Greetings from Dublin :slight_smile:


I would rethink the no bathroom choice, public restrroms can be terribly disgusting. :face_exhaling:


"Friends don't let friends convert cargo vans." ~ A Friend

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Hi @Elenajord and welcome!

I’m based in England and I’ve been looking for an excuse to get across that way at some point in the near future…I would be happy to help!

Feel free to DM me

All the best!


Thank you, thats so kind!
Let us know, whenever you are in Ireland and you are free for a meet up :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate meeting you too! I’m in Co Cavan, just south of the Northern Ireland border - Ireland’s lake district! Have a Renault Trafic SWB and no idea where to get started!