Saving Battery Power

Learned a lot about my inverter/charger from this Victron blog post. I think this is a great read for anyone who has a multi plus. But still valuable for any inverter owner.

Victron blog

I didn’t realize how much battery was drained by having an inverter just turned on. Every morning my battery was at about 75-80% The only thing that was on was my dc refrigerator and on ac a couple battery chargers and my microwaves clock. None of the ac devices were necessary. The blog article suggested that if I have no required AC draw overnight just turn the inverter off and just charge my battery. Now in the morning my battery is at 95% with just the DC refrigerator draw When I get started in the morning my very noisy Sterling B2B charger is on for 10-15 minutes rather than 45. Hope this helps someone preserve battery and better understand their electrical system

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I’ve found it’s much better to conserve power than create extra. For this reason I don’t even use an inverter, everything is 12v DC or less. If I want to use a microwave, pretty much every convenience store has one. Saves me space, weight, & power. Eveen 12v fridges are too energy hungry for my tastes.

By being power frugal, my 100ah battery will last me a week+, without compromising on my comfort or convenience.


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I try to use DC wherever possible but I love my toasted bagels in the morning. Different strokes for different folks.


So what do you use to toast your bagels? I just use my cast iron skillet with a little butter. I also have one of those campfire/campstove toasters that might work, but I’ve never tried it for bagels.


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I have a great little toaster oven with an automatic bagel setting. They come out perfect. I don’t live in my van I just use it for my daily driver, surfing and camping @SurfVanCampVan. It has been perfect for what I do.