Safety for a Deaf person on the road

Hello everyone,

i have seen stories where the police or land owners appoach the van and request them to move in the middle of the night, or while you are inside (with doors closed, windows covered up)

now my question is… how can i, as a deaf person, make them aware of a Deaf person inside, without inviting outside to Break in.

i know there’s option of adding Cameras, signs, etc…

any thoughts, Ideas are welcome.

Put stickers inside the windows in spots that people would easily notice when they reach for the handle.
“deaf person(s) inside, don’t knock” (rock instead) :wink:

Maybe a doorbell that flashes and/or vibrates near bed and button for it somewhere like next to the mirror outside. Then mention the doorbell in that note above.


I see lots of signs that say things like “I sleep and move on”, “self-isolating” , “I have guns inside”, etc. etc. I think you could make one that works.

There is of course always the option to not sleep in places where you do not need to worry about police and or land owners asking you to move.

Would getting a hearing dog/service dog work for you? The dog would signal you that someone is knocking, other environmental sounds, sirens, someone calling your name, etc.

yes, that would be ideal to have some sort of sticker, but “Deaf person inside” wouldnt that open to criminal activity?

re: hearing pets

am leaning toward that idea, but probby not for first few month/year of van living. to gauge my financial needs to support having a pet/service pet, while van living.

Well, then. Put another sign that this van is guarded by the Rabbit of Caerbannog :wink: That should keep any civilized person away.

In my opinion that only tells possible burglar that someone inside could be ready to play whack-a-thief with a frying pan, waiting for him to put his head in the door.

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lol i think i can find a sticker of sort of Rabbit of Caerbannong to put in windows but not guarded more of breeding :slight_smile:

What about a doorbell that flashes lights instead of ringing? Put a sticker that says something like “Knocking might not work, press this button”. Make the button only obvious to those within a few feet of the vehicle as to not look like a living quarters. Stealth but effective.

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