Safe Small Propane Heater

I am looking for a small propane heater. Something for a small space. I have a tiny travel trailer. Home made. You all have been great with what i need. I will be getting a propane gas alarm just to be safe. I see some that hang on the wall. Some that go on the ground. I saw the mr buddy, but i dont believe its right for us. Anything new and small.on the market? My tiny travel trailer, if i remember correctly is 1066. i need to measure it again and write it down.


Why go propane? My heater/cooker(s) are currently powered by cooking oil, but it will run on kerosene, diesel, torch fuel, and probably many other fuels, with no power required. A gallon of cooking oil will last the better part of a month, and with the addition of a heat powered woodstove fan, you can have a fan forced heater that requires no power. It is also far more adjustable than most other heaters are. Mine has 36 different heat settings. (I’ve never used or needed more than 10-12, but they are available…)

I’m choosing cooking oil because it’s eco friendly, renewable energy, that can be purchased in any grocery store I’m already shopping at, without the need for an extra trip. That convenience is hard to beat.

Mine are DIY, but they’re cheap, simple, and easy to make, costing under $10 in Dollar Store parts. Whenever somebody needs heat now, these have become my favorite choice, and everybody absolutely loves them. Even if this is not your normal heater/cooker, I highly suggest having one for a backup plan.

In fact they have become so popular, the Instafire Vesta heater/cooker is a similar design and is now commercially available. The main difference is that it uses canned heat, so it is more expensive to run and not as adjustable. In my humble opinion, it is the best heater that’s commercially available anywhere, and gives you fan forced heat, with no power needed, and can be cooked on too. The key to both types is no power needed for a fan forced heater/cooker, and no installation is needed either, because they’re portable.

My next choice would be one of the wave heaters if you really want propane. I don’t believe they require any power either, and can be both portable or wall mounted. I’m sure with a little ingenuity you could add a woodstove fan to one of those as well. People are adding them to the buddy heaters now too. Those fans do make a world of difference.


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