Rust! Where to start?


Hi All

I’ve just bought a 2003 Ford Transit and I need to repair some of the body work, removing its rust any tips on the best method?




Check “fixing rust with Bondo” on youtube, you’ll find tutorials!

Think about using “gravel guard” for the lower part of your van. It will protect it against gravel, and other scratches but it will also help to slow down/prevent some rust. It’s like a thick paint :slight_smile:



Awesome video. Watched the whole thing. Def keep that in mind when finding small rust spots on the van. :+1::ok_hand:


As well as bondo another product I have found useful was (knead it) (steal). Great for some spots. It hardens quickly to a really strong surface that can be sanded . Primer painted ect ect. It’s a two part epoxy. Might suit certain situations. Also you can get fiberglass kits and work sections with that and then bondo over the top to get that smooth finish.


I’ve used bondo before so I can definitely vouch for that!


Thank so much @HenryCooper @Sam_Putzeys - awesome tips! Video is great!


That youtuber, ChrisFix is my go to for DIY repairs!


I saw this video about fixing rust damage that is very good. Vandwelers can apply these techniques to different types of rust problems.

You can do what he does on the inside of the wheel well for large rust holes under or inside the vehicle where beauty is not required, and the outside technique for parts you want to make pretty.

I personally patch big holes with thin sheet metal and rivets, but the sticky mesh he uses is an easier alternative.

I’m not affiliated with this channel in a way. It’s just a really good video that I’d like to share because I’ve seen many posts here about working with rust.

Hope this helps.